Silvina Heredia

Silvina Heredia

Hello, my name is Silvina and I wanted to tell you about my personal experience, I was over 18 years old, I am an athlete, since I was 4 years old, I play hockey, a few years ago I started with hypertension, I was medicated, I also did several diets with few results, obviously, what I saw in the mirror I did not like, it was hard for me to run, I did not buy clothes, I lived with shame; until February 2015 I said enough I clicked, my life had to change for my health, for me, for my family, for my daughter, I knew that I would continue adding diseases associated with obesity. Find out on the page of the Private Hospital about the bariatric surgery program, and send an email with my personal information and after 10 minutes they answered that they had a turn to be evaluated by Dr. Viscido from Dr. Moser's team, to be a candidate to the operation.

Well, the process of 8 months began, not missing any shift, with Dr. Fabiana Stolman (clinical doctor), Lic. Florencia Martínez, (nutritionist), Lic. Irina Saal (psychologist), doing all the studies, what it cost me more to lose weight.

In this process, it is where I started to change my head, learning every day, the benefits of change, and so I arrived prepared the day of the operation, MY BEST DECISION, on September 8, 2015, they treated me excellently, they took care of me , and what I never forget, the day of discharge Dr. Navarro gave me the instructions to follow and most importantly a phone number to call him at any time, was the confirmation that he was very well cared for, (thanks to God did not need to call), my post operative was very good I did everything to the letter, since that day I do not take the pill for hypertension anymore,

My life is different, I'm still playing hockey, my health improved, and two years after the operation I support the food portion,

This process is a daily training, it is effort but for me it is not sacrifice, because I associate sacrifice with pain, and I have not had pain, neither physical nor psychological, if a great effort, learn to say no, and when you see the results, you are encouraged not to lower your arms, to see the changes, I do not want to go back. Every day, it is to keep going, not to relax, I feel very happy, (before I was happy) but now I am much happier and I thank God that put this Team on my way, and gave me the possibility, that there is a better life, healthy, smiling, and being able to transmit to other people my experience to be able to help, even a little bit, to change habits and customs, makes me much happier.