Training and exchange meetings for patients undergoing surgery

The Bariatric Surgery Team of the Hospital Privado Lanz & oacute; his "Encuentros de Capacitaci'a ne Intercambio", a space designed for patients undergoing bariatric surgery who wish to be trained and share experiences, with the aim of preventing relapses by implementing healthy lifestyles. long term.

The first meeting was held. on Monday, July 2, in the auditorium of this medical institution, with an important participation by patients from different parts of the country. It is still time to join the next meetings !!!

The activity, which has a cost of $ 50 per module, is developed by prestigious professionals from different areas. inherent in the surgery of obesity. Among them are:

  • Mental health. Issues related to the new emotional situations that patients may be going through, the acceptance of the new body image, the fear of weight regain, will be addressed. , self-esteem, changes in the links, the relation with the feeding, adaptation to the new lifestyle and social roles.
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  • Clinical. We will raise issues such as the care of our health by maintaining control over the diseases associated with obesity, and how to avoid deficiencies of micronutrients and vitamins that in their start may not give symptoms and lead to a situation of risk, among others.
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  • Physical activity. It will be put on. special focus on physical activity, making a meeting with practice and training, and exposing different concerns such as: how to prevent various injuries that often occur in overweight patients, among others themes.
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  • Plastic Surgery. Specialists in aesthetic surgery will develop issues inherent to the patient's aesthetics after their massive weight loss, such as skin flaccidity. and the tissues. Pain, irritation and skin infections. Reconstructive surgery, aimed at preventing such injuries and returning physical comfort and an image that matches the new weight achieved, among others.
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  • Nutrition. Work will be done in the strategies that allow to consolidate the change of healthy alimentary conducts, necessary to achieve the objective of weight reduction and the maintenance of the attained, for example organizing food guidelines for special situations such as trips, meetings, jobs, social events, etc.

    Those interested in joining the next meeting can inform us by calling (0351) 4688870, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., by sending an e-mail cxobesidad @ , or participating in our Facebook "Fanpage" ( ) where we will publish the dates of the next meetings.
    We wait for you !!!